Friday, February 5, 2010

Clarence Sale at the FM 1410

Yes, Clarence. Tom Spicer is currently dishing out some great deals on local produce. Stop by FM 1410 and support Tom's efforts to bring flavorful, local produce to the Dallas area!

A few of Tom's deals:

~ POSTERS (from the Ten Speed Press) : Mushrooms, Garlic, Fresh Herbs, Olives and Tomatoes all marked down from $18 to $12

~ Wolf Creek Organic, smoked, pickled Jalapenos down from $18 to $14

~ Royal Pepper Co. Kampot pepper corns from Cambodia packed 4.5 oz in decorative bottles- down from $10 to $8

~ Black and/or White Oregon Truffles $20 oz retail come on down and root around, snort snort...

~ Local Hydroponic Lettuces from Waxyerhatchet, TX. retail @ $1.25 head or wholesale 18 ct @ $17

~ Petite heirloom chicory mix...seeds I got from Alfonso Cevola (Italian Wine Ambassadoor @ Glazers) 8 oz @ $20

~ Wild, Winter Mushrooms - are Black Trumpets, Hedge Hogs and Yellowfoot Chanterelles @ $16# or mixed with...

~ Exotic, Cultivated Mushrooms (Shimejii, King Oyster, Maitake/Hen O' Woods) aka Spiceman's "Pitch til ya win- dime bag o' shrooms" retail mixed w/wild 1/2# @ $10

~ Dried Porcini make us an offer...we need some cash

Location: 1410 Fitzhugh, Dallas, TX 75204

Hours of operation: 10:am to 5:pm mon-sat.


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