Friday, February 27, 2009

Slow Food Potawatomi Teams with Restaurant For Slow Dinner

A Michigan Slow Food convivium makes the news. Read more at

Thursday, February 19, 2009

GM Beet Sugar

Last year nearly the entire nation's supply of sugar beets was planted using Monsanto's Round Up Ready GM sugar beet seeds. There wasn't a broad industry announcement about this conversion, but rather the change slipped quietly, almost secretly, into fruition. A lawsuit set for April 3rd petitions the court to stop the sale of GM beet seed and require the USDA to conduct a thorough investigation of the safety of these seeds.

Read more on this at The Organic & Non-GMO Report.

A registry exists for companies who pledge to avoid GM beet sugar. If you operate a business and would like to vow not to buy GM beet sugar, I urge you to voice your concern here:

Non-GM Sugar Beet Registry

The more companies that express the desire for non-GMO beet sugar, the more likely there will be beet producers willing to plant the non-GMO seeds. GMO sugar beet crops are being planted close to other types of beets and chard, other plants of the same species, that risk cross-pollination. Cross-pollination presents immediate danger to those farmers planting non-GMO crops near GM sugar beets.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ice Cream Slows Down

Haagen Dazs gets it. The company's latest new product launch features five flavors of ice cream, each containing only five ingredients. They have cut out all the fluff and kept it simple - ice cream you could churn at your own neighborhood picnic.

Each ice cream starts with the same foundation of milk, cream, sugar, and eggs. The only other ingredient is the flavoring. Nothing artificial. Nothing you couldn't find in a pantry. If you can't churn out your own homeade ice cream to enjoy during movie night, Haagen Dazs "five" might be a good alternative.

Could it be our food industry is listening to what consumers want? Haagen Dazs "five" is a good sign. And a good reason to keep asking for good, clean and fair food.

"Five" new flavors: mint, ginger, coffee, vanilla bean, passion fruit, brown sugar, and chocolate.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rathbun's Blue Plate Kitchen to Open Feb. 23

Kent Rathbun's new casual dining concept will feature locally grown produce and Latte Da Goat Cheese.

Read more in Restaurant News, Guidelive, or Rathbun's Website.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Time for Turnips!!!

To anyone who wants any, my dad has a bumper crop of turnips. I have approximately 5 lbs of them with the greens still attached. If anyone would like any please feel free to contact me. I will have them until Sunday Feb 15 then I will have to get rid of them. Both of us just picked them this morning. Free to all....hopefully they will go quickly!

214-404-7444 if you would like to call

Sorry if this is not directly related to any foodie news or Slow Food related news.