Monday, June 7, 2010

Shop the McKinney Farmers Market with Claudine

I’m going to make a shopping trip to the McKinney Farmers Market this Saturday morning (June 12th) and wondered if you might want to come along? I think the McKinney Farmers Market is a great one and some of the farmers who regularly sell there are Slow Food Members. I like to get there early because you have the best selection and you’ll beat some of the hot temperatures that come as the day goes on. If you’d like to meet us there, we’ll be near the entrance on the north side of Chestnut Square where the big parking lot is at 9 am. If you plan to shop bring an ice chest or cooler with you as you may want to spend the morning and then have lunch with us at 11 am at Gregory’s Bistro in downtown McKinney.

For more information, directions, etc. go to:

Claudine Martyn