Thursday, September 25, 2008

Searching for "The Perfect Cappuccino"

Amy Ferraris, longtime Slow Food member in California, will be screening her documentary, The Perfect Cappuccino, a documentary about coffee, consumerism and being American, on Saturday, September 27, 2008, at 11am at the Thin Line Film Festival in Denton.
Have you ever had a perfect cappuccino? Not a latte. Or a frappuccino. But a perfect blend of espresso and milk in that unique, unforgettable texture that can only be described as velvety?
THE PERFECT CAPPUCCINO is the story of one woman's obsession with a beverage. The film accompanies, Amy on a personally-narrated journey that traces the origins and social significance of the cappuccino.
Blending the voices of baristas, cultural critics, business leaders and coffee geeks everywhere, the film uses the cappuccino as a means to explore the strange intersections of individualism and mass culture in America.
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: The 2008 Thin Line Film Festival

: Fine Arts Theater, 115 N. Elm Street, Denton TX 76201

The film will also be screened as part of the
Dallas Video Festival, Nov. 6-9 in Dallas.

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lisa taylor said...

Perfect Cappucino to be screened Nov. 9 at 10:30 a.m. at Dallas Video Festival at Angelika Film Center at Mockingbird Station. See for more information.