Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2008 Dallas Annual Meeting Synopsis

Hello to all Dallas Slow Foods Members,

I promise this is not a long winded type-a-thon and wanted to start off by introducing myself. My name is Shane Stephens and my wife (Melissa) and I are new to the group but not really new to the cause. My parents basically raised me with the ideas of family and great local organic produce (who can get more local than your own garden). There were no organic or grass fed beef producers in Dallas 20 years ago or if there were there was little publicity. That is a bit about me!

I wanted to pick up where we left off at the meeting as I don't want our discussion and ideas to die. I will give a synopsis of the meeting for those who weren't able to make it.

1. Many of the members were very interested in community/school gardens. This brought about a myriad of questions that perhaps this blog entry will help to answer

2. A member suggested quarterly pot luck dinners. Who doesn't like eating in this group?

3. A member suggested starting information drives, speeches, etc. at local universities. This is where our future members lie!

4. A member suggested an information booth or coordination of efforts at the Dallas Farmers Market. (Just throwing out ideas here Farmers Market volunteers/ambassadors that spread the word of the market and Slow Foods)

5. Another member suggested annual/semi annual producer appreciation dinners featuring producer products.

These are some of the highlights and I know for certain that I have forgotten a good number of suggestions. I would strongly encourage our members to contribute both in what was discussed and also solutions to what we are trying to achieve.

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Anonymous said...

This may help get you started with item #1: community gardens...


The Mission of the American Community Gardening Association is to build community by increasing and enhancing community gardening and greening across the United States and Canada.

Take a look also at http://FreedomGardens.org

GarlicMan76458 on FreedomGardens.org