Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mozzarella Company's new raw milk cheese

At a recent visit to the Mozzarella Company, we bought a new creation called Palo Duro. It's made from raw cow's milk and bathed with wine as it aged. According to Paula Lambert, "it was made last August, so it has been aged for almost 9 months. It is quite firm and can enjoyed as is with fruit chutneys and fruit pastes and it can be grated for salads and even melted in all manner of dishes.

It has a gorgeous reddish rind that comes from bacteria linens that have developed naturally. This lush exterior brought to mind the gorgeous colors in West Texas' famed Palo Duro Canyon which was the inspiration for its name.

Only a limited quantity of Palo Duro was produced, so when the supply is gone there will be no more until next year. It is only available at the Mozzarella Company in Deep Ellum. So, hurry to get a wedge or even a small wheel of this magnificent cheese."

If you miss this one, you can get Paula's other raw milk cheese, Blanca Bianca which debuted at our 2003 American Farmstead Cheese Tasting event and was showcased at Slow Food Cheese 2005 in Bra, Italy.


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tana said...

The staff at the "mozzarella company"are wonderful and extremely helpful. They worked with me(I live in Wilmington, DE)to make the reservations happen for a cheese making class for my son (newly transferred to Dallas and a foodie)and some associates as a thank you for their southern hospitality. I look forward too hearing about their experience and can't wait to visit and do a class myself. Thank You M.C. TANA