Friday, December 7, 2007

Calling all Foodies! The 2007 Olive Oil is Here.

Slow Foodies Nancy and Gary Krabill want everyone to know that they've been climbing the trees looking for the newest Italian Olive oil and have some available at Flavors From Afar at 6712 Snider Plaza. The 2007 Tutta Toscana has arrived, and the Society Merico Maria Rosa "Novello" arrives later this month.

Nancy says fresh-pressed oil has a vibrant, green, sunny taste that rises up, cuts through, and accents mellow and rich flavors (steaks, Ribollita), or soars on its own in a salad or for dipping bread. Flavors From Afar has a Dallas-exclusive stock of 2007 oil from Tutta Toscana in store now ($24.99 for ¼ liter), and will receive Puglia’s newest in a couple of weeks (or when the container arrives!).

Come down for a taste and meet Tutta Toscana owners Betty and Cesare Nadalini this Saturday from 12-4 at Flavors From Afar.

Flavors From Afar features fabulous flavors and sumptuous settings. It's open 10-6 Monday – Saturday. 214.696.2327

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Anonymous said...

What happenned to this year's Texas Olive oil harvest?