Monday, November 9, 2009

Special Thank You For This Year's Events

As we look forward to the coming calender year of programs, I’d like to send out a special thank you to everyone that opened your homes and businesses to our group this year. Thank you for sharing both your knowledge and your passions. Your generosity & hospitality made this year a tremendous success!

  • Jan. Winter gardening, Northaven Garden Center
  • Feb. Artisanal bread making 101, Empire Baking Co.
  • Feb. Cookbook Creation, Studio of Tricia Barnett
  • Mar. Olive oil tasting, Flavors From Afar
  • Apr. Farm tour, Garden Harvests Farms
  • May. Grilling + Pot Luck & Rancher showcase, Home of Peter Schaar
  • Jun. Berry Picking & Jam making, Greer Family Farm
  • Jul. Pickles / Hands-on canning, Home of Jim Shade
  • Aug. Gelato, Paciugo’s
  • Aug. Canning Across America - canning adventure, Home of Jim Shade
  • Oct. Cheese 101, Scardello’s (2 classes)

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