Monday, October 19, 2009

Slow Food Dallas Annual Meeting 2009

A sunny, mild Sunday provided the perfect atmosphere for Dallas Slow Food members to enjoy one another's company at Dali Wine Bar. The annual meeting was filled with old greetings, new introductions, and re-capping the past slow year for the Dallas chapter. Our new leadership team was introduced:

Claudine Martyn ~ Leader
Christopher Tuck ~ Co-Leader
Shane Stephens ~ Secretary
Kelly Ingram ~ Events Chair
Jim Shade ~ Events Co-Chair
Alfred LaNasa ~ Membership Chair
Melissa Althen ~ Communications
Richard Silverston ~ Webmaster

It was exciting to see several brand new members (welcome, and thank you for coming). Thanks to Paul Pinnell and the staff at Dali for hosting. Attendees enjoyed an afternoon of slowing down together with small bites and great wine in the inspiring Arts District of Dallas.

2010 promises to be a super year for Slow Food Dallas!

Dali's Wine Bar
Ugo Ginatta & Mark Monfrey
Enjoying Company [photo includes Jim Shade(center) & Richard Silverston(standing)]
Kelly Ingram, Claudine Martyn
Enjoying Conversation [photo includes Shane Stephens(with wife, Melissa - seated right)]

Mark Monfrey, Kelly Ingram


Anonymous said...

Names and/or captions would have been nice.


Melissa Althen said...

Better? :) I pointed out as much of the new leadership team as I could. Missed a few, unfortunately, including myself as I was behind the lens!

Anonymous said...