Thursday, June 4, 2009

Supper Clubs

I was curious if anyone had any interest in a local supper club concept for Slow Food Dallas. We always meet at restaurants but during the summer growing season I would think it would be better dining al fresco at say a member farm. I am just throwing out ideas but I have included some links to a few I found.

Here are a few ideas I pulled up from a quick Google search:

Food Creates Community from here in the DFW area

Dai Due from Austin


Eva said...

I was hunting for the same thing not too long ago. Food Creates Community is the only one I really found. We haven't been in town for their recent dinners, but are going to try to get to one.

Christine said...

It would be awesome to have something like this in Dallas! My husband helps run The Movement Dallas ( and we have an organic produce, meat, and dairy co-op that is open to the public so we are in touch with a lot of local farms. It would be great!

Christine said...

Shane - my email is I see Burgundy Pasture Beef is one of your Slow Food members - we love them!

Anonymous said...

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