Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Last Chance to Stop NAIS

"Protect Our Food Supply - Stop NAIS!" is still in the running at change.org, but it needs over two thousand more votes to make it into the Top 10 Ideas.  And only the top 10 entries in this online contest "win" and have their ideas presented at the National Press Club on January 16th and advocacy campaigns organized to promote them.  
The competition ends this Thursday, January 15, at 5 pm eastern time.  In addition to voting for stopping NAIS, please let everyone you know who is interested in supporting local, sustainable agriculture know. 

Step 1: If you are not already signed up for the site, register at:  https://www.change.org/admin/sign_up  
Step 2: Go to http://www.change.org/ideas/view/stop_nais   Be sure to click the box labeled "Vote!" to the left of "Protect Our Food Supply -- Stop NAIS!"    Leaving a comment does not count as a vote.  
After you click the Vote box, it will change color and show "Voted."  If it does not do that, shift your mouse a bit and click again, because it sometimes take several tries. 


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