Thursday, March 6, 2008

Food Fight at AFI Dallas - Sat, April 5th & Sun, April 6th

Throw out your fast food and get ready to see a real Food Fight. Chris Taylor's documentary is the on list of films to be presented at this year's AFI Dallas International Film Festival on Sat, April 5th and Sun, April 6th. Details and tickets available from AFI Dallas. According to Chris, the film is still a work in progress and he hopes that Slow Food members can come to the screening, see the film and give him feedback. The film is truly a labor of love.
"Why can't I get a good tomato anymore?' Because the biggest farmers, the biggest food processing companies, and the US government don't care about taste and nutrition. They care about dollars. Fortunately there are a passionate group of small farmers, food activists and chefs who are fighting back and are leading a grass roots, democratic food movement that is returning taste, nutrition, and pleasure to the act of eating."

Visit the website for "high octane" goodies including a tasty trailer:

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