Friday, January 4, 2008

Zituna World Food Market opens in Richardson

Miss the closing of Worldwide Foods on Greenville a few years back? Well, now you can head up north to Zituna World Food Market. Opening late last year, Zituna offers a huge selection of fresh and packaged Middle Eastern, Greek, Persian, and Eastern European foods. Worth the drive for the olive and nut bar.

Located at 970 N. Coit #3025 (SE corner of Coit & Arapaho), Richardson, 75080; 972.470.0101

Thanks to the blog for the scoop.


Las Colinas Online said...

This is a great place to shop for Middle Eastern and European foods. I wish we would have something like that in Las Colinas Irving.

Valley Ranch Girl ;) said...

I agree with LAS COLINAS ONLINE.. The quality is great and they have nealy everything my Moroccan husband enjoys eating. I wish I could find such good Middle Eastern and Euro food closer to me in Valley Ranch Irving..

Amira said...

There is a large Mediterranean store in Irving. It definitely doesn't have the aesthetics or the appeal of Zituna, but you can find everything you need there for cooking as well as some other things around the house. It's called ZamZam, and it's located east of 161 on Northgate.